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Our Plumbing Reviews in Feasterville, PA

They fixed a leady pipe in my girlfriend's house. They were great and I've actually called them back for something else minor. They came out and did an assessment. They call you when they're on their way. They were pretty reasonable as well.

(Angie's List Review)
Replaced lower heating element in my hot water heater due to leak, replaced garbage disposal with Insinkerator 3/4 HP Compact Evolution Series with 6 yr warranty, and corrected washer/dryer water connections. (When I moved in it was discovered that the hot and cold were reversed. This meant that I could only use the W/D for towels and sheets because although I could put the knob on cold when I wanted a hot wash and vice versa, all cycles ended with a"cold" rinse automatically, which due to the hoses being reversed meant that all cycles actually ended with a HOT rinse! I ruined some clothing before realizing what was happening.) Mike was personable, professional and informative. He was on-the-dot on-time. He explained everything during the diagnostic part of the visit and my options, so that I felt fully confident in the work he completed. He was considerate and polite and cleaned up thoroughly.

(Angie's List Review)
Great service! I inquired about water in our basement and a day later, Glenn was here assessing the situation. He was very polite and called when he was about 30 minutes away from our house to let me know he was on his way. Once he arrived, he did a thorough inspection and determined the water was coming from our neighbor's house (it was). At the time, since we could not get a hold of the neighbors, he suggested some ways we could inexpensively patch up some areas ourselves with wet-dry cement. He was great at trouble-shooting our issue and even shied away from putting a camera in because he did not want to waste our money since he thought the problem did not stem from our lines. Great company and Glenn's inspection came free of charge. Will definitely use this company again for our plumbing needs.

- Abby B.
I have looked long and hard for a good plumber. I have had my share of numbskull plumbers in my house and am glad to have finally found someone who communicates well and seems to know what they are doing. I needed to have a kitchen sink hooked up, new faucet installed, and two toilets fixed. Glen asked me some good questions on the phone so he would know what to anticipate and what parts to bring. (Sounds pretty basic but many other plumbers just don't do this for some reason and then they charge you for a million trips to the store to get the most basic parts.) The guy he sent was an experienced plumber (13 years as a plumber, as opposed to other plumbers who send out newbies.) He was considerate of my house. He put booties on and off each time he came in my house or left to run to the truck. He cleaned up nicely after himself too, which I greatly appreciate. He was able to explain the problems with my toilet. (A lot of plumbers treat me like a dumb broad and why should I care about why something is or is not working.) He said they guarantee their work for a year. My toilets no longer run. My sink got the two thumbs up from my dad who is an engineer. The cost was $400. It sounds a little expensive for two hours of work. However, it is worth it to me to not have the headache, attitude, and re-dos from other plumbers who were clueless. And, I didn't have to mop the floor afterwards!

- Kendrah R.
I've have an old row home in Mayfair., which has its share of plumbing issues I can always count on Iredale Plumbing to get out to my house quickly and treat me fairly! Always professional and great prices too!

- Matt C.
First time using Glenn. 1. Human answered phone. 2. Glenn returned my call. 3. Made appointment. 4. Confirmed appointment. 5. SHOWED UP ON TIME!! 6. Courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and CLEANED UP AFTER JOB. Priceless. ......and I can read the bill. How can anyone ask for anything else?

- Michaele J.